CNBC Brainstorm : Future of Fintech

CNBC Brainstorm : Future of Fintech

CNBC Brainstorm Event : Future of Fintech Argus Global MD, Deepesh Agarwal participated in the CNBC's Brainstorm event : Future of Fintech. It was an exhilarating event that industry leaders from Banks, Asset Management, Fintech Companies with Nancy Hungerford from as...

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Argus Newsletter, October 2018

Argus Newsletter, October 2018

Articles & Events Summary Variable Capital Companies (“VCC”) – Gateway for Investments into Singapore On 01^st October 2018, the Parliament of Singapore passed the bill for a new corporate structure, i.e. the Variable Capital Company Bill (“VCC”). This summary...

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Argus Newsletter, September 2018

Argus Newsletter, September 2018

Industry News Hybrid Banking: Merging Artificial Intelligence and Humans to Combat Fraud, Transform Services This article displays the depth to which financial institutions are utilizing technology to include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (amongst...

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Argus Newsletter, August 2018

Argus Newsletter, August 2018

Industry News GDPR Coping Strategies: Keeping Calm and Working toward Compliance  Breaking down how companies are dealing with GDPR - It appears that a good proportion chooses to be “superficially” or “strongly” compliant for obvious reasons. These results are...

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Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy A whistle blowing policy is a policy that allows employees in an organisation to effectively speak up against any misconduct in the organisation without supervisory backlash to them. This may be formally to a specific team or through anonymous...

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Argus Newsletter, July 2018

Argus Newsletter, July 2018

Industry News Google Delay on ads standard for EU privacy laws creates compliance mess Google have potentially opened themselves and their members to a fine of 4% of annual revenue for noncompliance with the GDPR. Despite their partners having jointly launched a...

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